Universal Alignment Tour

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The Rabbit Hole, 1733 Spring Garden St. 2nd Floor, Philadelphia, PA

$35 at the door ($30 advance)

This summer (2018) we are offering our "Universal Alignment Workshops" across North America! These one-of-a-kind events will take place in a variety of venues, such as Music Festivals, Yoga Studios, Healing and Community Centers, and other locations where people congregate to elevate!

Typical 2 Hour Workshop Structure:

  • Opening Reception
  • Universal Alignment Lecture
  • Guided Meditation
  • Water Connection
  • War Paint Ceremony
  • Live Music Performance with Intention Dance
  • Closing energy manifest and seal

The lecture and meditation will be led by Joshua Tiktin, who has been prepared and permitted by an ancient lineage of Masters to continue the spreading of these Universal Laws and Secrets.

Kiki and Josh will then perform a live, motivational, and uplifting music set. Their group is called "Fresh Park", which represents the Garden of Eden, and the heaven on Earth that we are here to create for ourselves and each other.

Expect to:

  • Learn specific laws of energy that, when harnessed, draw abundance to any aspect of your life

  • Discover how to identify your purpose and the way to successfully walk that path

  • Identify the Universe’s guidance, signs, and messages

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the crucial spiritual principles of: soulmate attraction, speech, water, correction, power, money, religion vs. spirituality, how karma actually works, and more.